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UPDATED: Xbox Reveal Event – May 21st, 1pm NY Time

UPDATED: Xbox Reveal Event – May 21st, 1pm NY Time

By: Tatiana G. King

LoveAt1stByte will be live tweeting and blogging the Xbox Reveal event, LIVE at 10:00am PDT/1:00pm ET! Bookmark this page for the latest in Xbox News and be sure to follow @TatianaKing and @LoveAt1stByte on Twitter for details!

Due to poor and frankly incorrect communication, namely from Microsoft’s Corporate VP, Phil Harrison, an otherwise straightforward event turned messy. Many details regarding used games and always on connections were mixed up and convoluted.  Now that (most of) the shenanigans are over, I’ve updated this post to include accurate information concerning the details behind the Xbox One.

The Breakdown:

Touted as the “All In One Entertainment System”, Microsoft is positioning the Xbox One as more of a TV set box that can play games. Heavy integration with TV controls were demonstrated. There was a big emphasis on the fact that the Xbxo can do multiple things at once–i.e. play a BluRay movie and run Skype side-by-side–which is called “Snap Mode”.


Console Specs:

    • Eight Core CPU
    • 8GB DDR3 System Memory (Note: the PS4 has a DDR5 memory)
    • Blu-ray/DVD Drive
    • 500 GB HDD
    • HDMI In/Out (can connect to your cable box)
    • Wi-fi 802.11n w/ Wi-Fi Direct
    • USB 3.0
    • Architecture based on Xbox OS & Windows Kernel
    • Press Release PDF here: Xbox One Release


  • New Kinect Sensor (mandatory component)
    • 1080p sensor
    • 250,000 pixel infrared depth sensor
    • Can detect faces, “know” what or whom it’s looking at, can detect your pulse
    • Required to be connected to the Xbox One in order to use the system.
  • New Xbox Controller
    • Advanced “impulse triggers” create better rumble sensations
    • Redesigned D-Pad, more defined and contoured buttons
    • Repositioned triggers


  • Release Date: Later this year (usually means, “Holiday 2013”)
  • Cost?: there are reports from across the pond that it is launching on Amazon UK for 599 euros–so think somewhere between the $400-$500 mark for the U.S. (this is super preliminary so take this with a grain of salt…)
  • Games Available on Launch: Forza Motorsport 5
    • There were mentions of Call of Duty: Ghosts and EA Game titles like FIFA and NBA Live, Madden, etc.
    • More robust announcement about games for Xbox One due during E3 (June 2013)
  • Not backwards compatible
  • Steven Spielberg set to helm live action Halo series as exclusive content for Xbox One

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Does the Xbox One require an always-on Internet connection?
    • Yes and No. Folks, I know what you’re thinking. But this is straight from Microsoft’s mouth. Phil Harrison told Kotaku that a connection to the Internet, at least once every 24 hours, is needed. Microsoft PR then said “It does not have to always be connected, but Xbox One does require a connection to the Internet”–confused?
    • Basically Microsoft is saying that, like most devices today, a connection to the Internet is required in order to get the latest updates, access cloud servers, download data, connect to Xbox Live, etc., however the Xbox One can, in fact, function without a connection…to a degree. We just don’t really know how long.
  • Can The Xbox One play used games? Are there fees?
    • There were a set of cloudy answers from M$ on this..let’s dive in:
    • When you activate a new game for your console, it is tied to your gamer account. Meaning, you can play that game on another person’s system for free, granted that you’re logged into your XBL account. Which would also imply that the Xbox One needs to be online for this process to work.
    • If you want to loan the game to your friend, they can use it for free as long as they are logged into your account. If they want to install and play the game on their own account they will have to either:
    • A: Pay a nominal fee in order to reuse the game
    • B: Pay the full MSRP of the game
      • What is also unclear is whether or not it is mandatory to install the game to the hard drive, or if people can play straight off the disc.


It’s been nine days since the announcement and there’s still conflicting reports from Microsoft on the used game and Internet details. Still, LoveAt1stByte will continue to update this post with any news. We’ll also follow Microsoft during E3 in a couple of weeks to find out the latest on the new games and for a more clear understanding about everything else.



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