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X-Men Couture: By Hayden Williams

X-Men Couture: By Hayden Williams

By: Tatiana G. King

For almost a year I have been following the uber-talented British designer, Hayden Williams, and salivating at his gorgeous sketches. Williams is an expressive fashion designer and illustrator who gained some notoriety this past year after his drawings were featured by celebrities like Rihanna. Normally I stare wistfully at each sketch, daydreaming that each style would magically appear in my closet. Imagine my surprise this week when I saw several sketches dedicated to the women of X-Men. One thing is for sure–you’ll never know where you’ll find the influence of comics. Take a look at some of the fashion-centered, re-imaginings of Storm, Mystique, Rogue, and Dark Phoenix:

UPDATE: I reached out to Hayden on his Tumblr for more details on his X-Men Sketches:

Want to see more? Follow Hayden on these services:
Twitter: @Hayden_Williams
Instagram: hayden_williams
Pinterest: hayden-williams-illustrations

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