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Twitter Reveals Photo Tagging and Multiple Photos in Tweets

Twitter Reveals Photo Tagging and Multiple Photos in Tweets

In a bold move which pushes the social media service closer to the realms of Facebook, Twitter announced the release of two major features coming to the mobile platform. The new features are the ability to tag users in photos, and the capacity to include up to four photos in one tweet.

The addition of being able to include multiple photos should be a welcomed addition to just about every user on Twitter. From fashion brands, corporations, news outlets and the average user, this new feature will undoubtedly increase usage on the site and encourage the use of the built in Twitter picture manager.

The new tagging feature allows users to tag up to 10 people in a photo. In a smart move, Twitter made sure that tagging does not count against your 140 character maximum. If you tag someone on a photo they will get a notification. You can manage the notifications and control who is allowed to tag you in photos in the app’s Settings area.


Twitter also noted on their blog that both photo tagging and multiple photos will work in Embedded Tweets.

The new additions are out now for the Twitter for iPhone app, then later for the Android app  and on twitter.com. No exact word on when the update will hit Android and Twitter web but we can imagine it will be within the next month.

Source: Twitter Blog

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