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TMobile is Ready to Be ‘Unleashed’

TMobile is Ready to Be ‘Unleashed’

By: Tatiana G. King

On March 26, T-Mobile CEO, John Legere conducted a fiery presentation at the company’s “Uncarrier” Event. His speech was full of passionate profanity and attempted to pound home the message that the wireless industry is “broken”. Legere noted many areas where the U.S. wireless industry falls short, saying “carriers are really nice to you–every 23 months”. The big message? T-Mobile thinks its a mistake to continue behaving like other U.S. carriers. Legere even shared his email address and encouraged customers to reach out to him with questions complaints or feedback.

Simply put, T-Mobile did their best Diddy impression, shouting “Take that! That that!” to all major carriers. While some, like Sprint, were named directly, AT&T received the brunt of the sass with focused attacks on the strength of the network itself, AT&T’s “confusing contracts”, and lack of unlimited data plans. T-Mobile came out swinging today and Love @ 1st Byte has all the details right here.

T-Mobile: The Uncola Uncarrier

Key Points
+ T-Mobile LTE launching today in Baltimore, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Jose, & Washington D.C. L aunching in the NYC area this summer
+ New plans & rates go into effect today
+ T-Mobile’s merger with Metro PCS will be a measured one; Metro PCS CDMA Network to be shut down in stages through 2015. T-Mobile will merge their GSM network with Metro PCS spectrum to build a combined HSPA+/LTE network.
+ One of the side missions regarding the network merger is to also match the network type used by AT&T, essentially making it extremely easy to woo AT&T customers over to T-Mobile
+ T-Mobile will allow any network-compatible device to be brought to their network; if you want to leave T-Mobile they will make sure to unlock your phone & assist in the line porting process (so that you can keep your phone number)
+ No long term contracts; TMobile no longer subsidizing (offering a phone at a discounted rate in exchange for a contractual 2-year agreement) phones
+ Introduction of installment plan option to pay for phones.
Note: If you want to leave T-Mobile before you have completed payments towards the purchase of your phone, you have no other obligation to the company except the remaining cost of the phone
+ iPhone 5 available on Friday, April 12
+ iPhone 4 and 4s coming to “select markets”; no mention of where these select markets are or when these models are actually arriving.
+ Samsung Galaxy S4 arriving around May 1

Official Press Releases
+ Plan Rates & Comparison Against Competitors (pdf)
+ TMobile iPhone 5 Press Release
+ Explanation of the “Uncarrier” Movement

Below is the “Simple Choice Plan“. I split it into three parts to better reflect the areas of highest concern when signing up with the ‘new’ T-Mobile:

  • Unlimited Talk + Text + 500 MB Data (Web) Plan:
    • $50/month for the first line, $30/month for the second line, $10/month for additional lines beyond two (up to 5 lines per family account).
    • Each line comes with 500MB of data for web, however you can add more: An additional 2GB is $10/month per line–You can add up to 12GB.
    • For the record, the average user uses around 500 MB to 1 GB of mobile data (If you’re partaking in more simple activities like visiting the web, email, FB, etc. you will probably barely get to 1 GB. Even the average (see: non-power) user who does a bit more video streaming will rarely go about the 2-3 GB mark).
    • If you need even more data, there is fully unlimited option for $20/month per line.
    • T-Mobile has clarified that when they say unlimited, they mean it. They mention that right now they have “more bandwidth than they know what to do with”. Will continue offering fully unlimited as long as the network can handle the traffic.
  • Mobile Hotspot + Tethering usage:
    • Hotspot/Tethering (sharing your phone’s data connection with another device) is measured separately from the data used by the phone by itself.
    • 500 MB of hotspot/tethering data already included with all plans (it is not a separate feature you have to pay for).
    • You can add an additional 2 GB for $10/month per line or an additional 4 GB for $20/month per line.
    • You can add up to an additional 12GB of data for hotspot/tethering usage.
    • No unlimited hotspot/tethering available — You can buy up to 12GB of data for hotspot/tethering use.
  • Paying for the phone:
    • Option 1: Full price up front.
    • Options 2: One-time down payment + monthly installments
      • When phones are fully paid for or traded in to TMobile, they will unlock the phone; which essentially allows the owner to use the phone on any other compatible carrier.
    • Using the iPhone 5 as an example:
      • Pay In Full – Starting at $649 (16GB iPhone 5)
      • Installments/Down Payment – $99.99 down at time of purchase + $20/month in installments (installments payments are added to overall phone bill)

Click the photo below for some T-Mobile Math:

Does T-Mobile’s new strategy excite you? Does this make you want to switch carriers? Leave your thoughts and questions in the comments below!

*- If you go over your allotted data limit your data is temporarily “throttled” or slowed down to 2G speeds (i.e. much slower than current data speeds) for a specified amount of time, usually for the duration of your billing cycle.
**-According to T-Mobile anyone on an unlimited plan will not be throttled as long as they are using the service fairly. Company will allow truly unlimited usage for now.
***-T-Mobile claims there will be no throttling on the unlimited level for the time being.
****- Current down payments range between $0 (most basic, refurbished, or special offer phones), to
$99.99 (down payment amount for the iPhone 5). Current installments plans range between $0/month (most basic, refurbished, or special offer phones), to $20/month (monthly installments for the iPhone 5).

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  1. So what make this idea better than Sprint’s One Up Plan? It seems lacking in my comparison between the two.

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