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TED Conference: What It Is and Why You Should Care

TED Conference: What It Is and Why You Should Care

By: Tatiana G. King

Every year there is a conference of incredible people that includes but is not limited to: visionaries, luminaries, experts, futurists, thought-leaders, artists, musicians, entertainers, engineers, doctors, lawyers, and scientists. If this sounds like an unmatched smorgasbord of pure intellect and massive creativity it’s because it is. The TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) Conference highlights some of the best of humanity. Owned by the Sapling Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation, TED features people from all walks of life that converge at this conference in order to spread ideas and thought processes on a variety of topics.  TED represents the the opportunity of synergy across all platforms, and can help to create surprisingly exciting new developments, solutions, and provoke a higher level of discussion in subjects across the board.

TED has grown massively in proportion since it’s inception in 1984. The “TED Network” Is actually comprised of thousands events throughout a year, though people in the U.S. are most familiar with one of the two main annual conferences; the one held on the west coast of North America (i.e. TED2013). The magic behind the 4-day conference are the famous 18 minute long talks given by a select group of individuals. Past TED speakers include, Tony Robbins, Leymah Gbowee, Sheikha Al Mayassa, Gary Kovacks, Isaac Mizrahi, Bill Clinton, Reggie Watts.

The conference itself admits about 1,500 (yes, you must apply to attend) and the cost to attend the North America based conference ranges anywhere from $3,000 – $8000. Quite a pretty penny for the average citizen, though TED explains the downside of lowering the cost of admission:

“[Doing that] wouldn’t allow any more people to come to TED. It would just lengthen the waiting list. And it would take away our ability to do the things that have allowed TED Talks to spread around the world. Things like: – state-of-the-art staging, lighting and camerawork that give TED Talks their sense of theater. – a major website operation. – the bandwidth to support more than half a million TED Talk views every day. – support for the global TEDx program.”


I think the best part about TED is that it teaches each person to explore and question what they see, hear, read, or interact with and gain a higher awareness of whats happening in the world around you. While the website on it’s own is quite the spectacle, you would be able to find a talk on just about anything that can both enlighten and entertain just about anyone. The TED2013 Conference is being held in Long Beach, CA from February 25 – March 1.

I’ll leave you with one of my most favorite talks by Marco Tempest. Enjoy:

Info on TED: About TED
Listing of past speakers & videos: TED Speakers

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Tatiana King-Jones, the self-proclaimed “Grand Duchess of Tech”, has served the social media and Internet community, as a thought leader and tech blogger. As creator of Love At 1st Byte she follows and reports on the trends in the consumer device market. Mrs. King-Jones also co-hosts the popular LoudSpeakersNetwork podcast, FanBrosShow.


  1. This was definitely one of the best TED talks ever!
    Also loved the one from Thandie Newton on self.

  2. that video was just super impressive! and good article!

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