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San Diego Comic Con 2013: Top Ten Highlights

San Diego Comic Con 2013: Top Ten Highlights

San Diego had a jam-packed, star-studded show again this year and LoveAt1stByte is here to bring you some of the highlights!:


1.) Batman vs. Superman movie is a-go!

If you saw “I Am Legend” back in 2007, movie/comic book geeks would have noticed a scene where within the rubble of Times Square was a poster for a Superman/Batman film that was supposed to be released in 2010. While back then it was a mere rumor/hopeful wishes from the I Am Legend team (and fanboys/fangirls everywhere); life has finally caught up with art. One of the many megaton bombs dropped during Comic Con was the confirmation that Zack Snyder would direct the super hero cross over film (for Summer 2015 release). The Superman vs. Batman film (hmm..which hero should be listed first??) is supposed to be the sequel to Man of Steel. Henry Cavill will return as Supes but Christian Bale will not reprise his role as Superman. Christopher Nolan is said to be involved in the movie as executive producer. Harry Lennix (General Swanwick, Man of Steel; Commander Lock, The Matrix Trilogy) helps introduce the amazing surprise with Zack Snyder:

(Warning: Some language used in video is NSFW)



Source: International Business Times, UK

Source: International Business Times, UK


2.) Dr. Who 50th Anniversary

The Dr. Who 50th Anniversary special “An Adventure in Space and Time” will feature Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman, as well as John Hurt and David Tennant reprising their roles as ‘The Doctor’. Lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat will helm the special. More information about the Dr. Who panel can be found here.


3.) X-Men movie re-re-confirmation of what you already knew. 

The entire cast (which is alot of damn people…) of the next X-Men film, “X-Men: Days of Future Past” made a huge appearance at SDCC. Newbies Peter Dinklage (Bolivar Trask), Evan Peters (Quicksilver), and Omar Sy (possibly playing the role of ‘Bishop’) was also in attendance. The movie will combine the cast of the Bryan Singer X-Men films, with the newer recent “First Class” X-Men. Full cast list can be found here on IMDB.



4.) Guardians of the Galaxy cast reveal

The Guardians of the Galaxy movie is now in filming for an August 2014 release. The cast was revealed over the weekend, as well as concept art and the movie’s logo. Cast is as follows:

Chris Pratt – Peter Quill/Star Lord
Zoe Saldana – Gamora
Karen Gilan – Nebula
Enzo Cilenti – Groot
Djimon Hounsou – Korath
Glenn Close – Nova Prime
Lee Pace – Ronan the Accuser
Michael Rooker – Yondu
Benicio Del Toro – The Collector
John C. Reilly – Rhomann Dey
Dave Bautistia – Drax the Destroyer

The film is directed by James Gunn.


(click on photo to enlarge)

Here’s video from the panel:


5.) Age of Ultron Mind Blower

So Thanos is NOT the main villan for the next Avengers movie! On July 20th, Marvel Studios quite possibly took the cake as bringing the biggest surprise of the event with their announcement that Ultron would be the villain for Avenger 2. The sequel, will officially be titled “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and is slated for a May 2015 release. The film’s director, Joss Whedon explains that although there is already a comic book storyline that features the same name, the actual movie will have little to do with that story. In fact he confirmed that his team is doing an entirely new origin story, devoid of Hank Pym (!!!). Check out Whedon’s interview where he explains this below:


6.) Tom Hiddleston in character as Loki at SDCC

See full panel here–Loki’s speech continues at the 6:40 mark: YouTube


7.) Game of Thrones pays tribute to fallen characters throughout the seasons.


8.) The Hunger Games: Catching Fire new trailer.


9.) Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston sneaks around Comic Con as Walter White
Source: Buzzfeed


 10.) True Blood Homecoming

Brian Buckner, True Blood’s executive producer confirms that there wont be as many wild story lines and that most of the action will take place back in Bon Temps. Buckner also promised that the show would return to its roots after the current season’s finale (finally…) and explained that the show will go back to focus in on the main point of the series; which was the relationship between humans and vampires. The entire cast (minus Stephen Moyer [Bill Compton] and Alexander Skarsgard  [Eric Northman]) was on the panel, as well as Rob Kazinsky who plays Ben in the current season.


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