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Samsung Galaxy S4 Leaks: Videos of Smart Pause, Floating Touch & Other Features

Samsung Galaxy S4 Leaks: Videos of Smart Pause, Floating Touch & Other Features

By: Tatiana G. King

The official Samsung Galaxy S4 Unpacked event is only a few hours away yet the leaks are coming in fast and furious. The YouTube account AllThingsLeak is showing off a handful of videos that purportedly show a demo or prototype Samsung Galaxy S4 unit showing off the Smart Pause feature, Internet Browsing, Floating Touch, the new unlock screen, and a couple of other items.

To highlight some of the functionality, the Smart Pause features works by tracking the users gaze. For example, if a person is watching a video then looks away for a moment, the video will automatically pause. Floating Touch works as sort of a virtual stylus, allowing one to choose items without actually touching the screen (granted the video shows the tester with his finger only millimeters away from the screen which doesn’t seem too useful–then again this is a prototype).

I take all of this with a grain of salt since the videos come right after leaks on a Chinese forum outlining the phone specs. LoveAt1stByte will be LIVE in TimesSq tonight at 7:00pm to cover the Samsung S4 event. Be sure to follow the liveblog here.

Check out all the leaked videos below:

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  1. After looking at the the leaked photos and vids…

    “But it looks just like the old one”


    “Just some small software changes, but nothing innovative”

    …Two statements you probably WONT hear from Android fans


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