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UPDATED: Official Burger King Twitter Account Hacked

UPDATED: Official Burger King Twitter Account Hacked

By: Tatiana G. King

Looks like Burger King is letting  some folks have it their way, social media style. In an apparent hacker takeover, the Burger King verified twitter account has been tweeting some pretty peculiar items. For one the Burger King avatar is now, hilariously, the McDonald’s logo, along with a new Bio that mentions they are located “in a hood near year”. Further updates in the account’s bio also mention that it was “sold to McDonald’s because the whopper flopped”. Even the posted photos and videos have been changed, some being videos of the rappers Chief Keef and Gucci Mane from WorldStarHipHop.com.

The account hand off (at least on the front end) seems to have occurred  at 12:01 pm on February 18. In fact, when viewing the Burger King twitter timeline on the web, tweets as far back as January have seemed to been also defaced to a degree. From 12:00 noon onward  all outgoing tweets have been made via the Web (instead of the Wildfire Suite twitter app where corporate Burger King tweets normally originate from.


Wildfire is a social marketing and media manager app for the enterprise, which is actually a subsidiary of Google. So the most obvious questions are: Is the hack a work of social engineering? A security hole in the Wildfire app? Brute force hacking? Or just simply lazy password protection? I know BK’s lawyers, IT and social media team are going absolutely nuts right now.


UPDATE #1- (Feb 18th):  As of 1:15 pm NY Time, the Burger King Twitter account has been suspended.

UPDATE #2- (Feb 19th): According to the Anonymous Global Twitter account, the reason for the Burger King hack was based on admittance of the fast food chain, that it used a supplier that was using horse meat in ground beef. Source


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