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Happy Love At 1st Byte Day!

Happy Love At 1st Byte Day!

By: Tatiana G. King

Every Valentine’s Day every one struggles with the age old question–Should I give flowers and candy or do something different? Some people do the same thing every year and that’s ok if that’s just how your love subroutine works. But if you’re stuck in an infinite loop with no debugger in sight, never fear! LAFB has some awesome Valentine’s Day gift ideas!


Personalised Secret Message Qr Code Cufflinks

For the classy person who may have James Bond dreams, but an Inspector Gadget budget these may be right up your alley. These stainless steel cufflinks are etched with a personalized QR code that, once scanned can generate anything from “a secret message…map coordinates…or a link to a website/blog”. All you have to do is supply the details and the company will take care of the rest. There’s even QR code dogtags and bracelets! Neat!

BUY: QR Code Cufflink





For the Star Wars lover these are sure to please! Instead of the usual Box of Whitman’s Chocolate Samplers, share these with your sweetheart! Lollipops range from marshmellow flavored Death Stars, to multi-color, multi flavor lollipops featuring images of Darth Vader, C3PO, and Storm Troopers.



3.) Portal Themed Mirrors – DIY
This is more for the handy engineers but nevertheless an awesome item that serves as both a gift and household decoration! You can feasible build these in a day so if you’re in a rush you might just make it under the wire! These DIY Portal Themed Mirrors will have your honey constantly staring in awe. Make sure they don’t attempt to actually USE these portals. These were made by Cave Johnson and we all know what happens when Cave makes something…

BUY:  DIY Portal Mirrors


4.) Lingerie for Nerds
Your lady can be both a geek and a gamer and STILL be damn sexy! Make her feel even more special with these hand painted video game, comic, and sci-fi themed bras! They come in all sizes you could think of and there are tons of unique designs ranging from Super Mario Bros. to Wonder Woman. You can even get matching shoes

BUY: Handpainted Nerd Lingerie


5.) 8-Bit Bouquet
If you absolutely MUST buy flowers then may I suggest ones that never die! This bouquet will convey the love for your significant other in a thoughtful way. Not only will these blooms withstand the test of time, but nothing says love like a real life Fire Flower

BUY: 8-Bit Bouquet


Do you love these gifts but it’s too late for Valentine’s Day? No worries! Use these as a birthday or “just because” gift! Trust me–you’ll still get huge cool points.

About Grand Duchess of Tech

Tatiana King-Jones, the self-proclaimed “Grand Duchess of Tech”, has served the social media and Internet community, as a thought leader and tech blogger. As creator of Love At 1st Byte she follows and reports on the trends in the consumer device market. Mrs. King-Jones also co-hosts the popular LoudSpeakersNetwork podcast, FanBrosShow.

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