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Creepy or Cool?: MarionetteBot

Creepy or Cool?: MarionetteBot

By: Tatiana G. King

Note: Every week Love @ 1st Byte will post a “Creepy or Cool?” feature. Each post will chronicle emerging or unique technologies used in the consumer space. 


Since I was a kid, I have been convinced that the entire country of Japan has been existing in a time-warp bubble, pitting them 20 years ahead of just about everyone else. Obviously they have a lasting legacy of technology and robotics so it never ceases to amaze me the types of devices and products that emerge from the island nation. Today is no exception. May I present to you: Marionette Bot.

Marionette Bot is quite literally as its namesake suggests–a robot mannequin, stringed up with marionette wires. United Arrows, a Japanese beauty and fashion retailer decided to spice up their display windows by including these customized mannequins. What’s so special about them? Using Kinect motion capture technology, the MarionetteBot can actually interface with passersby. The result is something halfway lifted from the the 1987 movie, ‘Mannequin’. Stand in front of the MarionetteBot and do a jig, and it pretty accurately follows your exact movements. Every pose or wild arm flailing is mimicked to such an accurate (and fast!) degree that I couldn’t help but laugh at how much range of motion the designers and engineers of the system decided to give it. While the use of Kinect as a retail marketing tool is not new by any means (See: Nordstrom & TopShop), this is probably the most impressive in recent memory.

Take a look at the video below for full detail on how United Arrows made the MarionetteBot work:

Source: Ad Freak

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