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Virgin Atlantic Debuts Glass Bottom 747

Virgin Atlantic Debuts Glass Bottom 747

By: Tatiana G. King



Every year I look forward to April Fools’ Day (at least online, never in real life…), as tech companies are extremely reliable in bringing the best comical ideas to life. For the past few years even consumer product companies that sell even the most basic daily items got in on the act. Basically on April 1 every year, the Internet reads like a giant issue of The Onion. As such, I took the time to scour the interwebs high and low and bring you (some of) the Best of the Web–April Fools’ 2013 edition (click on each photo for larger view):


1. Google
What’s that smell? Smells like….innovation…and wet dog. Utilizing a smart and effective play on words, Google Nose (knows) is “the next big thing”. If you see tons of people smelling their computers or mobile devices today, you’ll know why: Google Nose Beta

2.) YouTube
This is probably by far the best, tongue in cheek April Fools’ performed by YouTube (YouTube is owned by Google so, by extension, is Google). GooTube (see what I did there?), most likely riding the wave of malcontent ever since they announced the shut down of their RSS reader in July, has decided that YouTube was simply just a giant, years-long contest. In order to evaluate the “150,000+” videos on Youtube, after midnight tonight, they will “no longer be accepting entries” and will be deleting all videos and shutting the site down: YouTube Is Going Bye-Bye

3.) Scope
I actually woke up to this prank on Facebook. Scope, the makers of the ubiquitous mouth wash decided that their current offerings were not enough (or no where NEAR as epic) as–drumroll please. Bacon. Flavored. Mouthwash.

4.) Twitter
140 characters or less (much less) is the name of Twitter’s game today. Twitter announces on their blog that they are releasing a short form version of their already short form service called: Twttr

5.)Think Geek
This online retailer is known for offering tons of geeky products, ranging from Portal 2 figurines to portable Bluetooth speakers. Today they offered a few more unique items that I’m sure you wouldn’t find anywhere else…: ThinkGeek.com

6.) Google Maps
Never to be outdone with the sheer number of April Fools’ pranks, yet another Google property–Maps–has introduced full blown 2D treasure hunting to its list of features: Google Maps Treasure Hunt

7.) Gmail Blue
It never ends….There is a special cameo though: Gmail Blue

8.) Google Fiber
And another one, this time involving Google’s gigabit Internet service (current in Kansas City): Google Fiber Poles

9.) Sony
For that super pampered, ultra spoiled pet, Sony debuts their new “Animalia” line–tech products for pets: Sony Animalia

10.) Nokia
With keen design sense and a flair for super bright neon colors, Nokia is launching their first ever, amazingly stylish microwave oven: Nokia 5AM-TH1N6 Constellation Microwave


Share your favorite pranks form the Internet in the comments below!

PS – If you’re looking for the actual post from the Virgin Atlantic Glass Bottom airplane story/April Fools’ joke, here’s a link: Virgin Atlantic

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  1. No Ma’am….I wil not be booking a flight on that…

  2. Ok so I totally fell for the google sniff! I was totally confused by it and didn’t understand what was supposed to happen. Now I get it! I probably would fly on a plane with a glass bottom I like that sort of thing. Lol but it would be scary and I feel like it would make people dizzy lol

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