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Bad Decisions: Batffleck

Bad Decisions: Batffleck

By: Tatiana G. King

Note: This post was originally published on FanBros.com

There aren’t too many things that get an instant reaction of hate from a large group of people.  Bad Decisions: Batffleck? Bingo! More after the break.

There are tons of bad decisions to date. Clubbing baby seals is one of them. Knocking the ice cream cone out of a child’s hand is another (well..sometimes that garners chuckles, but you get my point). Unfortunately Warner Bros. has invoked the spirit of blind rage with the choice to cast Ben Affleck as Batman in the next Man of Steel movie; effectively titled Batman vs. Superman. And that, wasn’t good.

milk bad choice

To be fair to Affleck, this is the same man that directed standout hits like The Town and Argo–both of which I was very pleased with. However this the same guy that while fairly decent as an actor (he’s just ok..), is no where near the gobsmackingly awesome levels to that of say, a Sir Patrick Stewart. Yes they’re in two totally different leagues, but the understanding I am trying to generate here is that Affleck is not of the caliber to be called up for Batman of all roles. I don’t quite know if he has the range.

2013-08-23 08_18_47-Twitter _ Search - _Ben Affleck as Batman_

Part of the inner turmoil I’m experiencing from Warner Brother’s life choice that I personally don’t take “serious Mr. Affleck”, seriously. Do I think he can be serious? Of course. Do I think he takes acting seriously? Absolutely. But Batman has such a dark, almost black comedy, dead-seriousness to him that for me it limits the field of acceptable candidates. And unfortunately for Ben Affleck he’s not one of them. What I’m saying is I don’t BELIEVE in Ben Affleck actually becoming Batman nor Bruce Wayne.

I have to split both personas because while they’re two sides to the same coin, each side is incredibly adept at projecting the true nature of what makes this character so unique. Bruce Wayne is the persona of the Id–being a straight up and down pompous jerk and getting what he wants cause he got the dough (of course for reasons of providing cover for his real job). Batman, in the most simple form, is psychotic. Truly. Batman is really off his rocker when you think about it as he’s basically a masked orphan-vigilante. However the philosophy and psychology behind his combined persona makes him so intriguing.  Based on his full body of work I just don’t understand how Affleck can convincingly pull this off.

batman got the sads

Worse yet, he’s opposite an amazingly strong Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent. While there are voices saying he was not the best Superman, I hold his performance in Man of Steel pretty damn high. His take on Supes was actually refreshing to me.  Boy scout-Lite, if you will. Some may say he has it easier because while Superman has his own control issues, he’s not out and out crazy. Nevertheless, Superman actually fits Henry Cavill’s style. Most recently he played Theseus in The Immortals. If you can’t see the parallels there then I don’t know what to tell you.

Let me add–I have a healthy fear of the real Batman. While I’m no villain and presumably shouldn’t have anything to worry about, a Batman sighting usually means trouble; and I want no parts. Have you ever been afraid of Ben Affleck? In real life, in TV, or in movies? Has he ever invoked the thought that “ok…this guy isn’t quite right in the head…but he’s a bad ass…”. While one can say that it isn’t impossible for Ben to be trained to reflect that spirit, the problem is that there is essentially no time to learn. The Batman vs. Superman movie is slated for a July 15, 2015 release. There aren’t many people that can learn to become a psycho over-night. There’s gotta be something intrinsically in you that you can source that mentality from. You’ve seen it in people like Denzel Washington and Jackie Earle Haley. Hell even Leo Dicaprio got more cray in him! Look at him:


I’m also nervous because Affleck’s inclusion also means he is now being positioned as Batman in the Justice League movies. And to me, that’s all bad. While I stew in my perceived rage, I still know what will be, will be so I am ready to just deal. However, apparently there are those that absolutely cannot deal. They cannot to the point that someone has created a change.org petition to “remove Ben Affleck from the role of Batman immediately”. Well damn. Fans are as angry as if the top NFL team, picked an ok NHL player as its first round draft pick. A friend of mine that lives in Japan, commented on Facebook that Affleck as Batman “is gross and confusing.” On Twitter there was an immediate backlash. The Combat Jack Show’s own Matt Raz had his take:

Then there was this:

And this:

And my favorite:


As always I gotta ask: Internets, what is your take on the Ben Affleck As Batman news? Are you mad? sad? indifferent? Or just hungry? Let us know in the comments below!

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